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Vancouver, BC Bubblers?


Any Vancouver BC based entrepreneurs or developers using Bubble on a regular basis? As great as the forum is - would be great to grab a beer and a table somewhere in town here and share tips, techniques and war stories.

Looking to build a small little group of people at the same, early stage development of their tech journey.

I’m building a personal fintech planning environment called - and am excited to see how far I can take this in Bubble. I have a few, smaller apps that will funnel into this that are further along.



If you guys want to start a meetup, let us know, we can add you here

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@emmanuel, could you start one for Montreal and include @JohnMark. We are both from Montreal. Thanks


Please reach out to support and we’ll get you started

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I would meet you in Vancouver.

I’m more based out of Victoria - but I could come in to Vancouver.
I’m not back in Canada until about April . So - will have to be around spring/summer.

If you start a Meetup group/ mention it on this thread.
If not - lets try and connect later in the year. That would great!


That’s great - hopefully by April, I’ll be a Bubble Ninja.

Let’s see what kind of a local response there is and take it from there.