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Vanilla Rich Text Editor BETA 5 UPDATE (THEMES)


I will try to reproduce this


CodeMirror Support and Print Button!


Check the first post for details


Amazing, good work!


Resident Apple iMac 5K tester (in Safari) chiming in… Here’s what your demo application displays:


Seems like font awsome is not loading. Will check that tonight and push a fix


I’m still having problems with fa


Could the FA problem be related to FA being loaded multiple times? And/or different versions of FA being on a page at any one time? I would assume Bubble integrates FA automatically, not sure if the editor plugin attempts to add it again or not (or even if that would cause the display problems).

@AliFarahat loving the plugin so far! I haven’t had much time until now to do some serious testing, will post back with progress on implementation, this is a game changer for my use case.


FYI. Mine is working just fine.


Ya I pushed a fix a couple of days ago


Hi Ali,

Default font still appearing as “Apple System” - any way to make this Arial?

Also, Font Awesome still not loading correctly in Safari.

Kind Regards,


Did you upgrade? Sometimes and although you have upgraded to the latest version the bubble editor will not show the upgrade correctly. Other users have tried and successfully accomplished a proper upgrade by uninstalling, refreshing the editor page and then reinstall

As for the apple system font I can’t test because I don’t have an apple. I will get a used one down the line so I can’t debug properly


Thanks Ali. I explicitly use your public test link each time -

I just realised you are not updating this link which would explain why I’m not seeing new features / fixes.


BETA 4 is here. Read the changes in 1st post



Another week and another update. This week we have introduced theme support, fixes to the google map API key and an error which caused multiple scripts of the same external library to load more than once.

Here is an example


Go ahead and update :laughing:

Next release will be the stable version!


Please note a bug has been reported when using a theme on multiple instances of the editor.


Could you add tooltips on hover? I’m not sure what some of these icons are supposed to do.


They all have tooltips.


is it possible to add custom styling to the toolbar that fits better to the page?
maybe own icons?
and can you say which of the functions of the toolbar will be shown?
e.g. just show the font and the font size?
This would be soooooo awesome!!!



You can control which buttons show on the toolbar. As for styling that’s what themes are for. Icons require a bit more work as the only other option are svg icons which I am afraid will impact the performance.

But we are developing this plugin to be as rich as possible. So probably down the line we will


Ok, then they are not showing for me. I’m using Chrome on Windows 7.