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Vanilla Rich Text Editor BETA 5 UPDATE (THEMES)


Can you share a screenshot of the editor panel. For some reason in bubble and even after you update the plugin you may need to reload the app or uninstall the plugin and reinstall it.


I’m having some seemingly css issues.

The multiline input lays out fine, but it seems like the V editor is fighting for space. Does the toolbar sit above the input area?



note Image one below is the first part of the process. Image two shows what happens when the last radio is selected.




Interesting. Can I have access to the editor to debug?


@AliFarahat, plugin looks great! Keep it up!

One bug we’re seeing is that the text editor is set to focus by default. As such, when it’s half-way down a long page, on page load the screen will scroll down to the editor since it’s set to focus.

Is this something you can fix on your end? Or, is there a workaround on ours?


@AliFarahat, is there a way for me to set the text editor to not be focused on page-load?


Hey @sridharan.s

Yes I am working on that now and tracking the bug now. Should be fixed in next release


Dear All,

Changes to the next release will impact how themes are handled. Unfortunately, there is no true compatible (across all browsers) to set different themes for each instance of the Vanilla RTE. As such theme control will be moved to plugin settings tab where a theme URL must be added. If no theme URL is added the VRTE will default to its original theme.


I must be missing something here. What’s the workflow for saving data? Was going to use this for a simple comment thread but the data doesn’t seem to save or at least doesn’t display in a repeating group. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.


There is no special workflow for saving data. Use it like using a normal input element.

So same saving procedure as a regular bubble input


Definitely something playing up then.


I will be happy to create an example for you. What are trying to achieve exactly


I’m using the RTE to create a task update (essentially a comment with text and a task) and have those updates display on the task in a RG. The repeating group has a text element to display the update. In the workflow when creating the task update text I am using “Vanilla RTE A’s output text.” Problem is that the text doesn’t show in the repeating group. I’ve also tried just plopping a text element on the screen and filling it with “Vanilla RTE A’s output text/html” with mixed results. Sometimes it will show what’s in there and other times it won’t. Very strange. I’m wondering if it is conflicting with another plugin? Let me know if anything seems wrong. I could PM you the login to the editor so you could take a look yourself if you like.


Yes please DM me the login while indicating the location of the problem. I will be happy to take a look


hey @tom1 @AliFarahat did you guys manage to get a fix for this? I seem to be having the same issue


The problem seems to be from bubble end. I have raised a bug report let’s see what results they return with


First of all, thanks for the quick response! Besides that, can I have some more information on this? I mean, is it something happening to all users? It does seem to work correctly in the demo page.
And just to have an idea of the timeline here, when did you report the bug?

Thanks for the help, the plugin looks great btw.


The Demo is moved here

I will update the link above.

As for a timeline i don’t, I submit it late last week. So I am still waiting for more information.


Hi Ali,

I have your plugin installed in my app, and I have to say you did a great job. I’m loving it.

I might have a bug though, I have the vanilla editor on a popup, when I try to add an image to the editor, I won’t be able to delete it because the tiny toolbar of the image won’t show up on the pop up, but when I close the popup I see it on the page.


Did you try to adjust the z-index on your that class. Or I will be happy to help if you can give me access to the app


I haven’t yet. A bit beyond what’s easy/straightforward for me so it got procrastinated. What’s the easiest way to do this? …just use Toolkit Plugin’s “Run JS” action on pageload. If so, what JS would I need to add? Thx.