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Vanilla Rich Text Editor BETA 5 UPDATE (THEMES)

Hey @blake1

I have tracked down a bug that caused the output to freeze when its used. I have updated the code and it seems to be fixed now. Please do the following

  1. Delete all instances
  2. Uninstall the plugin
  3. Reinstall and use

Let me how it goes.

It seems to be working now. I disabled the map plug-in, so that error went away. Thanks!

One question though, is there a way to set the default font size?

Set it up in the editor or the inspector

I see options for default font and font color, but nothing about the font size.

Will look into it

@AliFarahat I am facing a bug that causing the VRTE to can’t Disable the Editor for some reason. I have two different VRTE in the same format for two separate data types for one type it works I can disable the editor and use it as HTML viewer. But for other data type this same function fails to work, I can’t disable the editor. You will see in the following images that, for one case editor functions as it suppose to function, on the other one it functions still like a input. Please help resolver the issue!

As a workaround did you try disabling the editor through the workflow?

Hey @AliFarahat thank you for developing this awesome plugin. Can you please post a demo? it seems like the original one doesn’t work anymore.

Also any chance you might allow to purchase the plugin instead of a subscription in the future? :slight_smile:


Hey @AliFarahat, I’ve recently installed this awesome plugin and I’m trying to take advantage of the Insert Text function to enable my end users to inject data directly from the bubble database on the fly. There are two options being text and html. When I insert as text, my data is successfully added to the Rich Text input (wherever the curser is focused which is exactly what I want) but it is preceded with “undefinded”. For example, if you insert current date, you get:
"undefinedJan 10, 2019 7:28 am "

If you use the html option it adds the text correctly (without the undefinded) but it inserts it at the very bottom of the rich text input - not where the user is typing.

Any ideas on how to overcome this?

I appreciate your help.



Was the original HTML generated by the editor?

mostly no - data is generally captured via normal input elements, stored in a particular matter (it’s a law firm app so there is a lot of input at different stages of the process).

hey @AliFarahat - any further thoughts?

+1 on this problem

Can you please share a sample HTML text that your are trying to use and having trouble with?

hey guys!

i’m struggling to get my initial content to show up in the editor.

I have a basic Create content page and Edit content page setup.

I create some content with the editor > save it to my database > I can see it has saved in there as html > I go to edit that content so fetch the data from all fields (all the other fields work) but the Vanilla editor field does not show my content.

This is how I have configured it:

and this is it on the front end :frowning:

NOTE: If I go into my database, copy the content from that field and paste into the editors code view it works, so it is in there correctly, just cant get it to show up

Any ideas?

@AliFarahat, any help would be super appreciated :slight_smile:

Ok, I found a work-around- so instead I performed a search (not ideal) but works…

so, seems it may be a bug? not sure…

Why don’t you just insert the text using the workflow actions of the plugin?

Having issues with the input showing fine in a group, or on the page… but not on a popup. Put the background to a different color to show…


Same issue, help @AliFarahat!