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Video.js not playing video through referenced association


I have a data type of “Video” that stores a file attribute that I need to access for video playback.

I have another data type “X” that references “Video” as the videos parent.

There’s a page where I display the the file attribute of “Video” through the following parent structure:

Page (Data Type “X”)

Group element (Data Type Video, Data Source “X’s Video”)

Video.js element (Data Source “Video’s file”)

When the page loads, I can see that Video.js element with the video file I uploaded to the Video data type. but I can’t play the actual video.

I have the Show Controls option checked, the Autoplay unchecked. I turned off and on the options to see if the element didn’t load properly for whatever reason but nothing seems to give me the actual controls to get the video started.

To explain why I have a Video data type and not an attribute that stores that video file on “X”, this is done because “X” is part of a static template structure that gets replicated into data types that dynamically change.

I don’t want the video files to be part of that replication because of storage concerns and hence I would prefer referencing the video file instead so that the file isn’t stored twice.

Video.js works fine when the file being accessed is directly exposed to the Video.js element. However, I’m having trouble when displaying it through an association.

Any help or suggestions?



So I’m not sure what’s going on exactly but this is what I did so far.

I removed all the page elements and just started fresh.

Using the same setup I described above, I refreshed the “newly” configured page and tested out the functionality.

It worked as is but only the very first time I played the video. As soon as I navigated away and came back, the controls were gone and I couldn’t get the video to play again.

Anyone experience something like this?