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Wanted: An astonishingly beautiful visual design


We’re building our MVP on Bubble. The business logic, database structure and integrations are no issue. Design, especially response, is tricky.

Are any freelancers interested in re-building my application from scratch with a stunning design? I’d say 1/2 of the MVP features are built, so whatever your quote is for the work so far is we’d double it.


Please check PM


You can see my portfolio on Bubble. Looking forward to have a conversation and discuss your requirements.


Hello Oli,

My name is Irina. I am part of Mindforapps team. We would be happy to help. I’ve sent you a PM.

Kind regards,


@Mind-For-Apps - it looks like you just joined the forum. (First mention I’ve heard of Mindforapps). Could you please provide some evidence of your connection to the Bubble community? (Sample apps, agency website, etc).

We have had issues in the past of agencies with little to no affiliation with Bubble prospecting for clients on the forum. Sharing documentation of your work is a good check to ensure you’re committed to and knowledgeable about Bubble.


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