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WebRTC Video Chat Plugins - Need Help


Has anyone had any luck with any of these plugins? I’ve tried every which way I can think of to get a video chat working but the closest I get is seeing only myself. Thanks!


+1 @toby.felgenner might be able to help us!


Hey, how were you able to see yourself. I can’t even get any of it to work. Are you trying to create a livestream


No I was trying to create a video chat for consulting. I could only see myself on my own screen though, so without being able to connect to a stream I wouldn’t have been able to broadcast it to anyone else. I think in order for these plugins to really work you need a Wowza subscription, and even then I’m not sure if they are successful.

For anyone else looking for a video chat solution within Bubble, the easiest I’ve found so far is Gruveo. I had high hopes for OpenTok/TokBox as I’ve used them before on another platform, but configuring a plugin for them requires some serious javascript coding. That seems to be the biggest hurdle with video chat… the api needs to be able to communicate/control aspects of the browser and that requires some custom coding.