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What is the proper way to have everything be fixed width but stay in the middle of the page?


I’m not really wanting to deal with responsiveness as we all use the same displays here, so I want my application to stay in the middle of the screen and be basically 1000 pixels wide. I put everything inside of a group that’s 1000px wide and said to make it fixed width, but whenever I expand the window on my ultrawide monitor, the group doesn’t stay centered, it instead basically moves to the right as the screen gets wider, leaving tons of blank space on the left. Wondering how to fix that.

Second question, if I make a page a fixed width, that seems to work also, but my page has a black background, and if I make it fixed width, it then puts a white background on the left and right. So if I made a page 800px wide and set it to fixed width with a black background, and then my monitor is actually 1920px wide, it has 560px or so of just solid white on the left and right. Is it not possible to have a fixed width page but have the background not be white on both sides?

  1. Go into responsive mode and make sure the group fixed margin is set to center:


  1. The page should be black and not fixed width. The group will be fixed width, as you said above.