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Why can't you store the value of a Checkbox?


Like the title says. It seems like every other field element allows you to just take it’s value and store it in a related data field. But with check boxes you need to get custom states or list or other approaches involved to get a simple ‘yes’ ‘no’ (true or false) updated in the data table.

I’ve been working my way through learning Bubble coming from more of a coding background but being more of a visual builder, which means I like Bubble a lot.

Things have been going great until I got to this point. I understand that there other use cases for checkboxes but the functionality at the moment goes against what seems like common practice in so many other development platforms.

Forgive me if I’ve missed some thing but after reading through the forum posts I’m still a little confused behind the reasoning and functionality.

I have a form with multiple check boxes and I want to store the value of each check box in an independent field. I don’t want a separate workflow action based on a custom state or if the checkbox is checked or not.

Sorry for the long write up. I feel like I have to be missing something and have been frustrated trying to get this to work.


You’re incorrect.

Data > Make changes to a thing > select some thing with a Boolean field > field to change “the boolean field in question” > value “Checkbox Whatever’s is checked” (alternatively this last part can be “Checkbox Whatever’s isn’t checked”)

"is/isn’t checked" is the Checkbox’s equivalent of the “value” field.

“is checked” returns yes if the checkbox is checked / no if the check is not checked
“isn’t checked” returns yes if the checkbox is not checked / no if the check IS checked

(So, in essence, the Checkbox input has a boolean not operator built in.)

More exciting info on Booleans, checkboxes and related matters:


But doesn’t selecting “is checked” disregard the value of the checkbox? A good example is a form with 2 check boxes: Checkbox A = Checked, Checkbox B = Unchecked. Now I want to edit the form later and change the value of both those checkboxes to the opposite. Now because of the workflow this won’t work if a button triggers the “make change” because it still assumes “is checked” is what I want.

Thanks for the fast response.


Is checked IS the value of the checkbox. The value of a checkbox is a boolean. (yes/true or no/false).


Sorry you’re right, I’m wrong. I built an independent workflow to test and got it working after your reply. I scrapped my apps workflow for that functionality and built it again with out any issues. Either I was confused, had something set wrong, or just am an idiot.

Thanks again for the fast response and all the other contributions you make to the forum.

Edit for people trying to figure this out/solve the same problem later: When storing the value of a checkbox just select “is checked” which is the same as “X’s value” for other field types.