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Why Has No One Built A SalesForce Plugin?


I’m really surprised I haven’t seen a SalesForce plugin yet, given how popular it is and seemingly how many other things it integrates with. Is it because it has too many moving parts? I tried and definitely failed miserably, but I’m far from being a fluent developer.

Anyone up for the challenge?


I actually built a bunch of salseforce integrations for a client a while back.
What area were you thinking you would need?



Well, Wordpress has a plugin for web-to-case and web-to-lead that I use on a contact form. Events to create either of those data types would be amazing.


I could get behind this too. Ideally, I’d like to pull all records with a custom object field. Then I’d like to let the user select and update a record.


Hi @chad2 and @willtaylordesign,

We’ve done a whole bunch of Salesforce integrations, here’s how you would connect to it using the API Connector:

Hope this helps!



@willtaylordesign you could probably also go with a Zapier integration as an intermediary.

Bubble Form (or else) >> Zapier >> Salesforce

Check out the “Actions” down the page.


This is great! Thanks so much!


Write in Details so that i can take your Deatils.
I have done Lots of projects for Client and Integrate the Module in salesforce.


we have just built and published it :slight_smile:


Woohoo! Thanks for sharing!