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Will Server-Side Actions Ever be Viable? They are Ludicrously Slow to Instantiate


There are still some issues here. For example: Build the following SSA plugin:’

  • Plugin takes two dynamic list arguments (A and B) of type anything as inputs.
  • It need do nothing else.

Now test this plugin. Send input A as the result of a large-count search (like, “Do a search for… Locales” where this will return a large number of Locales (say 100+). And send input B a small count search like “Do a search for… Locales:first item”).

Such a plugin will take far more time to instantiate than retrieving “Do a search for… Locales” to an RG or populating a dropdown with “Do a search for… Locales”. This makes no sense, of course.

(Point being: this bug persists for large-count inputs (fields) in SSAs. These should not take more time than it takes to return all things to the browser.)


I have the same issue still. I have a big real world example I’ll be sending off to Marca today.