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Workflow step dependencies server vs page


Hi Bubbleers, its story time.

I had three workflows on a page, triggered by three buttons. The steps were a mix of page actions (set group data) and server actions (server scripts, could have been database actions).

I then removed the first button, first moving all the steps into a custom event workflow. The two remaining workflows call the custom event.

Initially I found that the second half of each workflow charged ahead, not waiting for the custom event to finish, using an empty value instead of an input’s value.

Then I realised that I had “indirectly connected” the server vs page steps …

Part 1: calculations then set a group’s value
Part 2: use an input’s value from inside the group, in another calculation.

The fix was to “directly connect” the sequence of steps:

Part 1: calculations then set a group’s value
Part 2: use the group’s value, in another calculation.

Then Bubble could see there is a dependency and waited for the result to be ready, before running the steps on the server with the value from part 1.

I hope this helps a few people.


Very interesting. Commented as a bookmark. Thanks for another awesome Bubble factoid!


This answers a pressing question for me. Thank you Mishav.