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You can trigger actions on hover


Just a small tip that has helped me. I used to solve this by using an additional element that was conditionally visible on hover, and that element’s visibility triggered the workflow.

That’s not necessary, as it turns out.

You can’t pick the Do When X is Hovered constraint in the workflow editor, but you can copy/paste it. I don’t know the reason this can’t be done directly, but it works nonetheless.

So just create the constraint in the visual editor, copy the expression and paste it into a Do When Condition is True workflow in the workflow editor, and voilá.

Is there a reason this is not possible to do in the “normal” way in the workflow editor, and is there any risk “hacking” it in this way? Will the loophole be closed, for example?



wow, this is a great find @petter :slight_smile:
very helpful and useful, hope Bubble don’t close it down :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this super useful info! Also:
When creating the expression in the Conditions tab, I found out that selecting “This Image is hovered”, pasting into workflows shows up “This customDefinition” instead. The workaround for this is to instead use “Image A” or something else, instead of “This ~~”.