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Zeroqode "AWS file uploader - any size" issue

All of a sudden I get this…
The plugin AWS File uploader - Any File Size / action Get all files from s3 a S3 Objects threw the following error: Cannot read property ‘then’ of undefined

List still loads fine so I’m not sure what happened? Was toying with file type limits but it happens even when I reverted the restrictions. Interestingly everything still loads fine?

Any advice?

Zeroqode support is faster at ZeroQode Forum

Next time, you can also use a trigger like @zeroqode

Thanks @JohnMark for pinging us :slight_smile:

@dehacked79 are you on the latest version of the plugin? If not please upgrade, refresh the page and give it another try

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Yes I’m on the newest version. Managed to resolve the issue by cutting the S3 Objects item and pasting it somewhere else on the page.