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Thank you Levon! Good to know! Also for all who may be new to API’s and Bubble etc. Levon and I had a solid conversation around how to get these plugins and others similar to this to work within our apps. I’ve copied the convo below:

Levon: When plugin is implemented through oAuth2 then your users can authenticate and their (Slack, Twilio etc) accounts and access their data. I have added these ideas to our roadmap. We are currently working on Hubspot and Google Calendar (creating events) and then we’ll get to one of the plugins you suggested. Thanks!

Me: Good to know. One last questions. So essentially they login to Treefort (my app) and I then can have a page for them to connect their account. I would then use the Login with API action for that plugin as a workflow. That would then make the connection? From their it’s about piling the data. Am I correct lol? Will it stay connected or do they need to reconnect each time? Thanks for the quick help! Excited to explore!

Levon: Hi Dennis, everything clear except that i’m not sure about staying connected. In my tests with Google Contacts i had to click the login button after some time again in order for contacts in the repeating group to reappear.
It’s not good though, not sure if it’s a bug, or it’s true only with Google API.

Me: Good to know. I think I have read where some sites make you reconnect for security reasons.

Last question. So with the data that gets retrieved from these services does it save to bubbles database or is it just referenced? Or can I choose to save it to a field or not? Helpful for sure!


Please feel free add to this thread etc. with any other insight. One other question I have is with the Zapier. Does anyone have insight on IF someone can connect their own Zapier account to a Bubble App? From my understanding so far is the Zapier App just works with the “Main Bubble Apps Connected Account”, not any other user’s who may be registered. Make sense?


Dennis, I’ve looked briefly into Zapier’s API information and it seems they also support oAuth2 meaning that it’s possible to authenticate any user with their Zapier account and get access to their zips. However it looks a bit more complicated compared to other connections, because the kind of zaps and their parameter structure can differ significantly from integration to integration. That’s why we have postponed that for the time being until we have more time to work on it.
Hope this helps…


@emmanuel I’ve noticed in the release notes some time ago that you have solved the problem of Google signing users out. Can you share how you achieved that? As currently all our Google plugins require users to re-authenticate after a short period of inactivity in order to access user data, which is not very convenient.


Yep exactly! Thanks so much for giving it a shot!


Any thoughts on integrating with Google forms or Typeform to allow users to connect those account to a bubbble app and push those responses into their account as new entries? I see a Typeform plugin already but not sure if it can be used by my apps users vs just my app.




Hi Dennis,
seems that typeform doesn’t support oAuth, meaning that you can’t authenticate Typeform users and get access to their account through your web-site.
I took quick look at Google Forms and it seems the same is the case there too.


Levon Terteryan
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Thanks Levon! You’ve opened up so many ideas for integrations. Another one I’ve been pondering is Jira which would work similar to GitHub where posts can be pushed into Jira as Issues on projects.


@levon - have you all ever built a template for a help-desk integration with ZenDesk or a similar product? If not, do you know of any? Thanks!


we haven’t built anything like that yet and to be honest I don’t know of any… What’s your use case? Do you really need a template or a plugin would do?


Hey All,
we’ve just published 2 new plugins! :slight_smile:

download - Google Analytics - This plugin lets authorized users access the details of their Google Analytics accounts and retrieve their reports

basecamp-favicon-192-2a193f66e2797ce3abb0a944969fe2fa4db010c13613bd3d400208b3e62b6862 - Basecamp Project Management - Log users in with their Basecamp account and access list of projects, to-do lists and to-dos

Let us know if you need other plugins! we’ll be happy to consider developing them :slight_smile:


Levon Terteryan
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Digging the new plugins @levon just curious is it possible to Push and entry into Basecamp, Asana, GitHub etc? I also can see the value of pulling in tickets from Zendesk.


hi Dennis!

To jump on this one quickly :slight_smile:
Our Asana plugin already has the push\create capability, and we’re working on adding the same for Basecamp (projects, tasks, messages, etc.). Along with pulling that information as well, of course.

As per github - what would be the example scenario that you imagine here, please?


Vlad Larin
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Hey @vladlarin thanks for the prompt response! I did see the push for Asana. Possible to get Oauth support on that so other accounts in my app can authenticate?

As far GitHub the sceneries would be an ideas is created in my app and that user can then push to GitHub as an issue in a repo to then implement and have engineering have further discussions.

Make sense?



Dennis, we’ll add the oAuth for Asana, and for Github we’ll enable creating issues. (hopefully this week)


Levon Terteryan
Founder@Bubblewits - #1 No-code Developer & Bubble Certified Partner - Get in Touch! - Buy Great Bubble Templates - Bubble Apps collection


Great to hear! Thanks all!


@emmanuel can you please help with this?


What we did has nothing to do with the plugin system, it was a refresh token issue, you can set that up as well.


Thanks, Emmanuel, any link where we can find out how to do it? I didn’t find anything in the plugin builder…


@emmanuel I found this documentation for Google oAuth2 but when I put “refresh_token” as Token name it doesn’t work (only “access_token” is accepted) also there is no place to define grant_type