Zeroqode partners up with Jarrad for building great plugins!


Dear Bubblers,
We wanted to announce that Zeroqode and @jarrad have agreed to join efforts in creating and supporting awesome plugins for the Bubble platform we all love so much.
All the plugins published by Jarrad have been moved under Zeroqode account. Jarrad will continue building great plugins under Zeroqode brand.
We believe that this will be better for our users and the ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates! :slight_smile:

For support over all plugins built by Jarrad and Zeroqode please post at Zeroqode Forum


Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Well, congratulations but i don’t think that’s very good for the users.

Jarrad had a great eco-system which allows to users buy plugins directly from his page, doing only one time payment, and the best thing of Jarrad was the cheap prices.

Never is good when a company monopolizes a market. No competition = no price fluctuation.

And i know that’s something bubble shoud fix, but its ridiculous to pay for plugins like, scroll bar, image slider, input field. I can’t imagine in 6 months, every single thing you will need pay to use.

I know there’s a lot of ways to make money, but imo plugins should be classified in categories.
I hope @jarrad plugins don’t transform all in paid plugins, because he has lot of free, and he doesn’t remove his page for get life-time plugins.

For Zeroqode its a very great movement, but i’m bit scared to see what will happens now.
Very good for the company tho,
As i said, congratulations.


Thanks for an honest feedback. I’ll try to give some comments here:

Bubble has updated their terms, according to which selling plugins outside of Bubble marketplace is not permitted. So Jarrad would have to remove that option in any case.

agree with you, however our goal is to lead the market not to monopolize it. Market is open for competition and we are not preventing it any way. So anyone can build another image slider or another google sheets and do it better than we did. Image slider or input fields are already available in Bubble for free, but the options and possibilities are endless, so there will always be some variation that users would want and Bubble simply won’t be able to accommodate all those requests.

Free plugins will remain free (actually i don’t think there is a way to take them down anyway :)) we also have built plenty of free plugins, but it’s just not possible to have all the plugins for free, because the developers should have incentive to do the development and support. The plugins are still heavily unprofitable for us and we subsidize all the development and support from other activities. We do that because we believe in the long term potential of Bubble. And we believe it’s good for users that they don’t have to wait until developers can make money from plugins to actually start building them.

it’s not only good for Zeroqode and Jarrad but also for the community and ecosystem and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Zeroqode and Jarrad had a few very similar plugins which is actually a very inefficient way to spend resources. Rather than building the same thing and selling for the same price we could synch the plugin development roadmap and build more useful things for the community.
  2. Jarrad is a very talented developer and we believe his time is better spent on building amazing plugins rather than answering questions, designing his web-site, icons and demo pages, we at Zeroqode have dedicated resources for that and we’ll be able to provide due support.
  3. Jarrad has a big number of nearly finished plugins which require quite some time to publish and manage, with combined efforts we’ll be shipping new plugins much faster.
  4. having Jarrad and Zeroqode as separate plugin developers didn’t have any effect on price. There were no price wars or anything like that because the current price level is the only one that incurrs any incentive for building plugins considering the Bubble market size. We don’t plan to increase the plugin prices, moreover we would like @Bubble to enable the option of bundled subscriptions (let’s say accessing all our plugins at $35/month or any 5 plugins at $20/month or 3 plugins at $14/month etc.) So the more plugins we have overall the higher will be the value to the users with such bundles.
    Hope this makes sense and addresses your concerns.
    Levon Terteryan
    Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Normally I do not usually comment on this kind of thing but …

@levon I’m agree with you in mainly most of the points.
We believe also in long terms with bubble, so we will continue very soon our plugin’s inv.

But as user (as consumer) i think i can understand what @cangrimen wants to say.
I don’t feel confortable also with the actual bubble plugin eco-system.
That’s another point why we stopped of building plugins, because we don’t know how to launch them, how to sync with users.

Honestly i think Corona, has one (if not the best) marketplace plugins i ever seen.
There’s a lot of developers, and they have a nice system. Which allows you to buy a plugin for your account, and that plugin will be avaible for all your apps. And there’s no monthly suscriptions. One time payment.

I can understand it scares a bit the fact of having to pay each month, and most of the users using bubble, plus its because its very cheap. And its it’s understandable the fact of bubble basic plan cost almost like a plugin.

So bubble should throw some light to this, let us know what’s their roadmap of plugin market.
Congrats Zeroqode, @levon, im pretty sure you will build big things with jarrad!

Best wishes.


Thanks for your feedback, @yusaney1 maybe after some time when the Bubble ecosystem matures and grows to millions of users it will make sense for Bubble to switch to one time payments. But right now it would kill the incentive to build plugins unfortunately.
Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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I agree with these points also however when a plugin is priced higher then $5 a month I feel it probably loses appeal. At $10 a month you are paying over $100 a year for a single plugin. Go to $5 in general and I think you will have a big bump in users. Just my opinion though.


Interested to see how this all pans out @levon

I do think ZeroCode have the polish, support, and resources that can only make @jarrad 's plugins even better. He is obviously very smart but for us relatively new bubblers, trying to understand and use them was frustration and time wasting as so many forum threads attest to.

I too had some of the concerns expressed above but your concept of bundling certainly reassured me that this is not about exploiting every last penny you can. So it’s time for bubble to take action on this.

Congratulations and good luck.



thanks for your feedback @Bradluffy and @patricia


+1. From my perspective, $3-5 is the sweet spot for a Bubble plugin.


@levon you have just updated CCS tools @jarrad plugin before the plugin detected the page width. its no longer working and the update says documentation changes


We didn’t update anything except the description Tim, can you show a screenshot or anything of what you are seing?


Hi Levon, more of an FYI… Not much to see unfortunately in a screenshot. Basically one of my apps is using CSStools to get the ‘current page width’ on page load or change. When I updated the plug-in I get no returned value from the plug-in ‘current page width’. When I downgraded to the previous version way behold I can see the ‘current page width’ again. I actually tested it on a couple of other apps and get the same result… Unless one of the other plug-ins having an impact. If you’re not seeing the same issue then it’s probably isolated to me and possibly result of another script or plug-in


Tim I have just reverted the code version back to the previous one and published it. Can you please upgrade to the latest plugin version and let me know if it works?


I didn’t mean for you to revert anything Levon i was able to to downgrade but i upgraded and did so again…now on the latest and greatest and all working


cool, thanks Tim, it wasn’t an issue to revert for us, because we only changed the description and icon (in fact we figured that we don’t need to push a new version for that) - so it might have been some bug or a Bubble issue.
Anyway, glad it works! :slight_smile:


Fantastic news this is!

If you guys can get some process around documentation for products which you deliver to the bubble market and community, this would have an huge impact on new bubblers and experienced ones alike.

I fully believe all it would take initially is just a very simple explainer video of the product and how to implement.

I also fully understand this is time and money on your end and it’s just not as easy as that sometimes.

But the value you guys add to the community is absolutely awesome and I certainly would not be where I am today without your efforts and contributions to the bubble communities.


Thanks a lot Tim,
yes, we are aware that documentation is our weak spot, we’ll definitely try to improve it over time.
Thanks again