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ZQ Drag-n-Drop Calendar - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Hi @levon

That would be great thanks - the custom state of the current calendar view sounds like it could be very useful.

I can see having more than 1 calendar element is possible on a page, but I was wondering if they can be linked. For instance having 2 calendars side by side, one is the present month and the other is one month ahead. Then when one calendar changes month, the other synchronises. Is this possible?

Last thing is how the calendar can be read only e.g. only the creator can modify and other users can view/access?

Look forward to changes. Thanks again for the reply.


Again thanks for all your hard work. I was wondering i have been stumped on the Calendar. I can not seem to find any way to send the task event data to the popup. Only the Calendar data? Is there something i am missing? I went and looked at your demo but it seems you are also sending the Calendar data to the external popup and not the task event itself.

Is this the only way it works now? Or am i doing something wrong?

Also i was wondering if it would be possible to rename the two ADD btns on the left menu and or hide them all together and do everything with actions.


Yes I agree it would be nice to be able to rename the buttons on the left menu or even the ability to hide.


Hey @ryan8 and @luke2 sorry guys for delay in getting back to you

yes we’ll add a parameter to the plugin so you can define the default current date which is shown in the calendar. Combined with the current date state that the plugin would return you can use 2 calendars side by side so they work as you described.

sorry, we haven’t made it very obvious. see the following screenshot if you set a static email for the “owner’s email” field instead of current user’s email, then only the the admin user with that email will have access to the calendar, makes sense?

i believe the plugin states are confusing (See the screenshot below), these are details of an event, not the calendar, we’ll rename these states in the updated plugin

yes, we will add these options.
Look out for further updates from us once deploy changes to the plugin! :slight_smile:
and again, thanks for your patience! :heart:


Does that mean it is possible to use a popup based on a bubble query like… searchfor phases that contain a task whose task ID matched this tasks ID and then show data that has nothing to do with that task?


not sure i understand


Hey everyone
we have just deployed an update with following improvements this Calendar Plugin

  1. max and min date can now be dynamic
  2. when max or min date is reached the arrows i not clickable
  3. side menu can now be disabled
  4. new states to show currently selected day, month, year
  5. parameter to specify calendar’s initial date
  6. “new schedule” and “new calendar” buttons can now be renamed or hidden

if you want to try these features, please install the latest plugin version and refresh the editor.


Hi @levon

Awesome, appreciate taking on-board the feedback and implementing these new features.

The only potential issue I have is using the calendars on a search filter for the dates e.g. on index page, searching for a date range from and to (for use as an availability calendar for a holiday rental). As all fields are saved as text values rather than say the start and end time as a date field.
My question is, is it possible to setup a search filter for all users calendars with a date element e.g. from and to?



what do you mean by setup a search filter? Do you want us simply change the from and to fields to a Bubble date format ?


By search filter, something similar to this:

It would check the start and end date, with a filter ‘booked = no’ with booked being a custom yes/no field in the events table/data type.

Yes please. If this is possible of course? I think having the start and end dates as a ‘date’ field rather than just text would be a great solution and will allow for more functionality in the future e.g. date calculations, search queries, data export or migration

Thanks again,


Can’t you build a search filter using Bubble elements?


we’ve just deployed an update with 2 custom states for start and end dates as date type so bubble recognizes them.
please upgrade the plugin version, refresh the browser and retry


Great thanks Levon - I will give this a try today :+1:


Hi @levon

I’m having the exact same issue, just not displaying. All looks configured correctly - is this a plugin conflict? Cheers


Hey Luke,
did you enable data API as explained in the plugin instructions? Did you follow an example of how it is setup in the demo page?
If it still doesn’t work, we’d need access to your app to check it out


Hi @levon

Still no luck - doesnt display on-page. I’ve referenced the demo Bubble editor and changed the Privacy and Public API endpoints. Can you please send me the link to the plugin instructions or documentation as from what I have read there is no mention of setting up API endpoints?


did you check this page?


Yes have seen this page and have setup the data types to have the correct fields mentioned as text values. But on this page there is no further instructions enabling API data?


sorry we’ll update the docs, but meanwhile, did you configure the API as shown on the screenshot?


Okay thanks.

Yep have all configured as per the demo of the calendar with the exposed API workflows & data - still no display on the calendar