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ZQ Drag-n-Drop Calendar - New Plugin from Zeroqode


will send you pm now to get access to your app


Hi Levon,

Where do I find this state in order to set my second calendar to always be one month ahead of my first calendar, especially when I toggle the first calendar +1 month.

I’m able to set the second calendar (calendar B) to be +1 month initially. But when I advance Calendar A to another month, Calendar B does not change. What state do I use to also have Calendar B be constantly +1 month from Calendar A, when i use the image month advancement arrow?


Hi Levon / @luke2,

Wondering if either of you could assist me. I’m setting up an external popup to add/update/delete calendar entries. I’ve setup my workflow to show my default popup as follows:

However, when i preview and click on my Calendar A on a specific date, nothing happens, my popup is not shown. When reviewing Zerocode’s demo, I noticed this item in the workflow:

This might be my issue, how do I get this step in my workflow?

Thank you,


@gilles are you sure you have the latest plugin version? I suggest removing the plugin entirely then adding it back, maybe not everything was initialized when you upgraded the plugin version. If this will cause trouble, just try to move the calendar element on the page 1 px left and then 1 px back. refresh the editor and try again.
The plugin used in the demo is no different than the latest plugin on the marketplace.
If the issues still persist please let us know and we’ll double check


Hey @gilles

I am not using the plugin at the moment, but I’ll try and help out.

My workflow when in debug mode runs as follows:

(the set state is something custom to load dates in)

Note: I choose to have the edit within a group rather than a popup but same concept.

As Levon mentioned, be sure you’ve updated the plugin to the latest version (at this time seems to be 1.5.1). Also checked you’ve exposed the Public API endpoints with the specific data types, as from this post.

Feel free to PM your Editor and I’ll happily take a look.

I’ve gone back to my version to check and it seems to be working for me, so not a global issue it would appear.

Hope this helps.


Hi Levon,

I removed the plugin (unsubscribed) then subscribed again, added a new calendar. Ensure my server was on the latest bubble version as of this morning. I’m still experiencing the same issue. I have a video I can share to demonstrate. I click on a date or select multiple dates; I can see the dates being highlighted, but then my popup doesn’t show nor does a secondary alert. I have a separate button to test the popup and alert and they worked fine.

Levon - I can give you access to my app. PM me.

Thank you,


Hi Luke,

Thanks for the screen shots / assistance. Yeah, everything matches up. I have the same API settings (also have the API for delete / modify / create toggled at the app data level).

My step 1 workflow is to show a popup to create an event, but the popup nor a backup alert I created is not happening when clicking on the calendar. The popup and alert show when I manually click on a test button.

Everything is on the latest release. I’ll see if Levon can look at it. Everything works fine when I have the calendar Popup as “internal”.

Thank you,


@gilles Your welcome - hope you’ve managed to get the issue fixed now. Be interesting to know what the issue was whether on the plugin or Bubble side.

Yes by the sounds of it, everything is setup correctly and just a fault on the plugin side.



Hi -

Just to follow-up - Levon added in a new workflow to allow the external popup. Working perfect now.

Thank you


we have also fixed the custom state that shows the current date of the calendar so that it updates when you change the view, so you can have 2 calendars synced together…
Please upgrade the plugin version and retry.


Got the same issue here. I think i edit it like 10 times, tried all with api, when i open my webconsole he shows me this issues. The Plugin is configured correctly! 56|690x435 do i have to add Information in the backend before it gets displayed? In the preview debugger it shows me that it is on the site but nothing is shown.

hope to hear from you


can you add to your app and point us to the right page so we could debug for you?


I writed him an E-Mail with all access and info’s.

Thx for the fast replay!


Hey, thanks it works now! But i can’t see what you have changed? Can you may give me a hink - so everyone with the same problem reading this topic may know the solution?


Is possible to customize the time format displayed so that it’s in the 12 hour format instead of the strange hybrid 24-hour format it’s currently in?


Hello, we’ll check this


Hi @jjj230
we have implemented your suggestion - thanks for spotting the oddness
in order to see the update, please upgrade to plugin’s latest version and refresh the editor tab.
hope this helps



Quick Question to this forum - How do I change a calendar event color? I don’t like the brown. Which toggle is it to change, where is it hiding?


Hello @gilles, thank you for reaching out.

Unfortunately we don’t have this option in a plugin right now, we will add this in future.

But right now you can use a little HTML and CSS trick.

.tui-full-calendar-weekday-schedule {background-color: #b56c6c !important;}

Hope it will helps. Thank you.
Regards! Zeroqode team


Perfect, worked like a charm. For anyone else looking at this post, just change the #b56c6c to any hexi colour you want.