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ZQ Drag-n-Drop Calendar - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Hello @gilles.

We just made an plugin update with function to change calendar event color from a plugin settings!

Thank you.
Regards! Zeroqode team



I’m considering buying this plugin but I first need to have some clarifications on the features: I noticed that if a day contains more than 2 events, only the first 2 events are directly shown and we have to click the text “1 more” to see the other events saved on this day: is it currently possible to adapt the row height so that all the events could be seen directly? if not, is it a request that could be added?


Hello, @recrutbox.

We looked into a possibility of adding right away, but it is not possible at the moment.
However we have added the request it to for the future roadmap, but no eta we could give. Right now, it’ll be used to show more items by clicking to show more.
Thanks for understanding.

ZQ Team.