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πŸ” ZQ Oauth 1.0 Connector - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Hi Levon, is there any update to the plugin?


hi, unfortunately not yet, struggling with the issue, I’ll update asap, sorry about the delay


Hey is there any update? what’s the issue. I understand that development takes time but is this a plugin that you are still actively working on or that you are not. I only ask because you are releasing other plugins. Please let us know whats going on.


Hi, we have a few devs working on different plugins. Etsy plugin is almost ready but throws an annoying error that we can’t get our head around yet


ok, well please keep us updated. If you dont plan on doing it still, please let us know so we can figure out another solution.


still trying to make it work sorry about the delay, if we fail I will post here so you look for a different solutions.
My apologies