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ZQ Rich Text Editor - New Plugin From Zeroqode


That would be A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! !


@levon - I have been spending a few hours trying to get this plugin to work but it won’t store the data in the database. It seems to clear the content before/during saving.

Here is a video that shows the issue:


@renelonngren Rene, did you follow all the instructions? Did you enable API in the settings and configured privacy rules?





please add to collaborators of your app and describe where exactly and how we can replicate the issue.


Meanwhile, can you point me to a working example (editor view) where the editor is populated from the database?


did you check our demo page?
the plugin there populates initial content from the database in one of the examples


Yes I did. Populating with content on load works for me as well. What does not work is saving to database and reloading with that new updated content - it stores it empty.

If you could prepare such a demo so I know I have everything set up OK, including things like Remove focus before saving - if that is needed etc, that would be great. Thanks!


Hello, Rene,
we have fixed the demo version, now the default mode saves to browser local storage and lite stores to Bubble db.
also we have updated the plugin with some fixes, please install the latest version, refresh your browser and try again.


Thanks - looks like it’s working now. :slight_smile:


@levon Absolute amazing editor. I’m building a Novel/ TV/ Film Writing web app for a client at the moment and this editor is the final cherry on the top. Love it!

I’ve subscribed to the app and am doing testing before I buy it outright.

I’ve noticed that the initial data doesn’t respond to a data state change. In the gif below, I’ve got the bubble editor responding to a data change initiated from the menu on the left. I’m also display the database view below your editor for reference.

Can the ZQ Editor change it’s initial data source dynamically if the group it’s referencing changes? This is the last piece I need to solve.



Hey Greg,
sorry for a late reply here,
did you try changing the initial content through the “conditional formatting” ?
also, you could have 2 elements one hidden and one shown (unless you need more which can get very clunky). if this doesn’t work, we could see if it’s possible to update the initial data source when the value is changing.


Hey @levon

The RTE is referencing data from a parent group that I set all the conditional statements on. The RTE initial content just reads as “parents groups data”. It works well with Bubbles default RTE.

I have around 30 RTE’s in the app (it’s huge) and they all reference parent groups for switching data sources. Showing and hiding multiple RTE’s isn’t an option.

Really love what you’ve done so far. Much appreciated. This is a near perfect RTE. :tada:


Hey Greg, can we get access to your app please? We couldn’t reproduce the issue. Please add and point us to the right page and RTE instance that we should look at


Hi Greg,
it seems you missed to add a workflow to change the content on the button click, we have added that for you and it’s working now. (See screenshot below)
Can you please check and confirm if this is the scenario you wanted to achieve?


@levon That should do it. Nice work! I’ll add this extra step to my workflows. :clap:


@levon - when using mentions I am not able to limite the display of users via filtered search, it always display all the users in my system. Any ideas on how to fix?

This search shows all users when doing @ mention.


Hi Rene,
we have fixed this, please upgrade to the latest version and retry


Hey Levon,
I think the fields are switched, ie mention source and data type - won’t work for me at least, have a look.


what do you mean switched? don’t work at all?