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ZQ Rich Text Editor - New Plugin From Zeroqode


we have just updated the demo page for this plugin
please take a look here:


I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be looking at on the Demo page for the ZQ Rich Text Editor that will solve the scroll and focus problem.


sorry this update wasn’t related to your issue, we are still on working on it, I will let you know


we have just fixed Focus and scroll on page load.
please upgrade and give it a try


Updating to 1.32.0 does fix the scroll issue but the initial content no longer loads in the my RG’s RTEs. I made a video of that for you.


Hi there, we have fixed this, please upgrade and retry


I believe this the page load/scroll is working now. Thank you.

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I have realized that I’m still having a page load/scroll issue. Your latest version loads correctly, but when I edit the text in the RTE box, the page automatically scrolls back to the top. As a reminder, I’m using the RTE inside of a Repeating Group, I load my content in the RTE settings box, and I save my data with the RTE Content is Changed workflow.


we have pushed an update, please upgrade and retry.