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Display two fields on Repeating group


I’d like to display video ID and Title on a repeating group.

For the video ID and Title, I created two fields (listing texts) on database.

I can only set “parent group user’s video ID” or “parent group user’s Title

How can I set both of them like “parent group user’s video ID and Title”?


Not sure how much to assume here but…

If the repeating group has a type of content set and…

The data source is set to retrieve the relevant data then…

You should be able to add 2 text fields in the RG cell. Or into a single text field and use the rich text editor to format it as you wish.

Apologies if I am completely off with what I understood to be the question.


Thanks for your replay.

I want to know how to set “parent group’s user’s video ID and video Title.” Right now I can set one of them.

I’m going to put a video element for the video id and a text element for the title in the RG cell.

05%20PM 16%20PM


Your type of content should be “Video” (or whatever data type holds VideoID and Video title)

Data source should then be “Do a search for…” then in the next box select "Video (or whatever it is). You can then filter whatever data is returned if you need to.

Once that is done, you then add the text and video elements within the repeating group.

From your screenshots, I think that might be the solution.


I fully understand it.
Thank you!


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