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Is Sheetsu out of business?


The whole plugin is built, if there is nothing else that you guys need added i will get bubble to publish it.



Looks great Jarrad, very comprehensive. Until I use it I won’t really know if it’s got everything I need but from the look of the list I’ve no doubt it will. Thanks, R.


I have submitted Both a service account version & oauth version for bubble to review so it shouldnt be long before they pop up.


@richardconner + others who’ve paid.

Call your credit/debit card company, both offer protection against issues like this and you’ll almost certainly be able to issue a chargeback.


@andrew1 and others who’ve paid.

After a series of emails and contacting my bank (although I’m not sure they even reached out to Sheetsu), I received a refund and email confirmation from Michael Oblak the CEO apologising for the inconvenience.

His email is

No explanations were offered.


so I have put together a very simple demo page of our google sheets plugin,

you can see the calls and play with them
other calls that are needed can be easily added

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Here we go guys,


@jarrad do these plugins work for user owned sheets too? my need is to get data from a user owned sheet and copy that data to an app owned sheet where I can do some data calcs and ultimately return to a chart in bubble - does that sound doable with this plugin? or yours @levon ?



The one containing (Service) is for use with service accounts (JSON Web Tokens), the one without is an OAuth sign in provider & intended for user data.


yes, our plugin lets you access user owned sheets (they would need to authorize in your app using their gmail account)


Hi Jarrad,

I am testing your plugin (the non service one) and I am having difficulties using the path of a new sheet I created as dynamic data.

eg: I created a new spreadsheet and I copied a sheet coming from another spreadsheet. I then want to “write a cell” in the new copied sheet. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the dynamic input for path/spreadsheetID which could correspond to my new spreadsheet…

Do you know what I should input there ? I already tried “Current User’s Google Sheet AAA’s Id” but it keeps sending the 404 error.

Thank you.



Hi @biminmotion can you please head over to and use the contact form in the top right, can you list the calls your making to get this result plus any other info thats relevant. I dont have access to my machine until tomorrow but i will run through the calls in the same order and see what the issue is - failing that it may be a good idea to also drop a test app link in the contact form. Keep in mind not to check the sms checkbox though as it only allows for short mesages. Thanks.



I’ve subscribed to your plugin. Thanks.

Have gone through the setup process and obtained my key etc.

Now when I do a test of trying to write a test row I get a PERMISSION DENIED error.

I’ve checked everywhere I can (Google Console, Google Sheets) for the answer but can’t find it.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Richard.


Hi @richardconner, Thanks for subscribing & sorry your having issues. I have not yet had a chance to do a write up on scopes inside the manual although i believe this is likely the issue here. Please check the following:


  • now open the menu in the top left, and navigate to library,


  • next type sheets into the search box and click ‘Google Sheets API’,

  • lastly click enable to allow this API permission to interact with your profile.


I am fairly sure this will be the missing component here. Let me know how you go.



No problem, and thanks.

I’d already done that (I think you did include that in your instructions somewhere!) and now it says Manage.

So it doesn’t look like it’s that…


I am going to PM now with a few questions. Thanks


Hi Jarrad,

I subscribed to your pluging and I have several questions on how to use it properly, for instance: why withthe action “Write A row to sheet” are we limited to 4 consecutive rows? It sends me this error when I try to do more:

Do you mind if I open a thread to talk about your plugin ?



This is more than likely due to amount of items in the list your trying to write contains more than the amount of cells that exist in the range. If writing columns you may need to use the create extra rows action first depending on the amount of items.

Rather than creating a thread on the topic it would be great if you could use the contact form here so i can track any issues and provide fix’s and manual updates here.



@richardconner @jarrad what was the solution to fix the 403 permissions error? I’m running into the same problem and also have the Google Sheets API enabled