Need some help with a button


How can I create a button that when someone clicks it it displays something on everyones screen


If you’re trying to display something on everyone’s screen, it’ll have to be done through the database. So if you click a button, it could make a change to a specific item. When that item’s specific field’s value is “x”, an element will appear on a page.

If you need help with the specific scenario, let me know!


I PM you


Do you have discord? If not could u give me a step by step of how to do it

  1. Create a button on a page.
  2. Create the element (group, text, popup, etc.) you want to show when this button is clicked. Make sure it is NOT visible on page load.
  3. Create a database table with one field (we’ll say it’s a yes/no field)
  4. Create an item in that table with yes/no field’s value set to “no”
  5. Go back to the element you created in step 2. Give it a conditional of “When search for table’s first item’s field’s value is yes, this element is visible”
  6. Create a workflow for the button you made in step 1. The action should be to “make a change to search for table’s first item’s field’s value”. It should be changed from no to yes.


Thank you i don’t want to bother to much but can u show me with pictures


Also will it be possible to display on different pages


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