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[New Feature] Discourse SSO



We just added a way to use your app as a SSO provider with Discourse. What that means is that your users can use their app’s credentials to login to a forum that you have set up with Discourse, as we do for this forum and your Bubble credentials.

You can see this section in the API section of the Settings Tab. You’ll need to add the URL of the forum and the key that you can generate in Discourse. You’ll also need to set things up in the forum as described here.

Note that this feature is available on the Professional plan and above.

Thank you @supernaturally for coordinating the sponsoring on this feature!

Bubble-Discourse Integration Co-Sponsorship
Looking for a couple of add on solutions
Bubble-Discourse Integration Co-Sponsorship
What forum technology is this bubble forum built on?

Thanks @emmanuel and the Bubble community for this one!

We use (and love) discourse as the main forums for our business. So glad I found this community - happy Friday everyone!


Thanks bubble team for this one.

A special thanks to @supernaturally and to everyone who helped sponsoring this.

Excited for 2018


thanks a lot for having sponsored this feature :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you guys for taking the time to build this in, @emmanuel!


Any idea why its telling me to upgrade to personal plan to use this when I am on the personal plan annual?


It was a typo, sorry, should be professional. We just pushed a fix


Does this work with the self-hosted or the SaaS/hosted version of Discourse (or both)?


What’s the URL for our app we should put into Discourse?

Figured it out. The text underneath the settings > API > Discourse SSO section includes the URL to use. Just copy and paste.

It works nicely now. Sent me an email to click on and created an account in the forum that matches the account in my app. If anyone’s curious, the app is and the forum is