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🗃 New plugin - Multi-Uploader [BUBBLE AWS + UPLOADCARE + FILESTACK + AZURE] BIG Update: 11/06/2018


Edit: It should work. using image/png
Can you show a screenshot of your uploader options again and show all the opts.



Hey, I know you’ve been super busy. Was just wondering whether you had re-considered potentially adding the uploadcare widget, since you haven’t had the time to include the different upload sources features natively? If not, it’s totally cool, still a great plugin.



Sent you a PM.



Hey @yusaney1

Hope you are well.

Just wondering if you’ve had a chance to look at my past post with processing images with Imgix?

Many thanks,



Dear customers, finally today we release version 2.0 of Multi-Uploader plugin! As this is a big update, we recommend read all the post before updating to the last version, cause this update requires some changes in your app before continue using the plugin, so can break your app after updating.

  • Modified attach_to option (This only works on Bubble AWS). If the attach_to is not enabled will NOT use the attached_to property.
  • Fixed one of the major issues that were causing problems with pop-ups and hidden groups. (see additional notes).
  • Now the uploader has a native collapse/expand which increase the plugin stability and the uploads in 40%.
  • Now the uploader is initialized through workflow which speeds your page in the case the plugin is not being used. (see additional notes).
  • Now you can use :imgix options to your files/images.
  • Now the result is a file.
  • Updated Azure server uploads.
  • Uploader is now an input.
  • Id is not required anymore.
  • Re-designed again entire code.


Additional notes

  1. Now the uploader is initialized through a workflow.
    How to use:
  • Case 1: If the uploader is in a hidden group/pop-up: Create a condition that will run only ONE TIME when the group/popup comes visible -> Initialize uploader:

  • Case 2: If the uploader is in the body page/visible group: just load on the page load:

@blake1, @luke2


Thanks @yusaney1 for the changes. I have just upgraded and added a workflow to initiate the plugin.

I have an issue though when I go to upload some photos (JPG’s)


Here are my settings on the element

Any ideas as to why it is not uploading the selected images? Thanks in advance.


@luke2 sent you a PM.


Minor Update: 11/07/2018 –

  • Fixed bug related to filetype validation.
  • Fixed bug related to image size validation.



Hey @yusaney1

Thanks for the fix, but I seem to have another issue now with photos not uploading. I can browse and add photos to the uploader, but will just keep ‘loading’ with no upload on the file manager.

GIF below:

The element settings are still the same from my past PM.



After some testing, the issue appears to be when checking ‘Allow image resize’. When checked it will continue to state ‘loading’ - but when unchecked it loads the images in fine and uploads successfully. Hope this helps debug the issue @yusaney1



Minor Update: 11/08/2018 –

  • Fixed bug related to Image Resize.



All tested and working perfectly :+1:

Working nicely with Imgix too.

One last thing that would be nice to have on board is adding a state When ‘This Uploader’s Max Files’…so that if a user tries to upload more files that is set/allowed when can have a error message or alert appear.

But really happy with the way the plugin works, so quick and easy to use.


Really pleased with the plugin - but one query?

How do I access the uploaded file’s file size - have tried everything I can think of bit just cannot find it?


Hello @MartinFigg, thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate it.

About your question, you mean you want to get the filesize returned by the plug-in after the upload?




Yes - I need to be able to save the individual file size of the uploaded file, like we can with the native uploader.


Let me check that if it’s not already in our next update, and if not will add it for sure.


PS: What would be the best format? Bytes, KB or MB?


Thanks very much - brilliant plugin and brilliant service!


Personally KB would be best


Tracking the file size would be a very useful addition - I agree KB would be the preferred option.