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[please help] Working guide for convert url to pdf and auto download it


Hello there, I am Felix from Indonesia. I am new to bubble and i have read most guide or post beforehand, but i found that most plugin like selectPDF and RocketPDF is not free anymore, i also try to search about it in youtube tutorials and none was found.

Any help is appreciated!

I am now creating an online fintech i finished all the data input needed. now, i need to convert all the data input into 1 pdf files (contract / agreement).

  1. customer fill all the input
  2. customer click submit and all the data recorded into the database
  3. customer directed to thank you page and asked to not closed the page until their pdf is generated.
  4. PDF is now generated and auto downloaded (or manual click also fine)
  5. PDF is saved and available for admin to review it.

I am now struggling with step 3 and 4. Anyone can help?

Since i am new, i don’t know how to safely share my app here. Do i need to change anything on my side? or i can just copy paste the bubble editor page link here?

thanks a lot!


These plugins may help:


for this one, i have tried and it works on subscription based, and i think it’s quite expensive for now and later integration.


i’m planning to use this one, but there are no tutorial about how to use it, so i wonder will it be easy or not


i haven’t try this yet, will take a look first! thanks a lot @marcusandrews. have you use any of there feature?


@marcusandrews OMG MAN! thank you soo much for telling me PDF Conjurer! I will work on it now! and tell future people who needs it whether it is useful or not!

ONCE AGAIN thank you so much!