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I am building a web app and I need to send push notifications on the mobile device of my subscribers. For that, is very convenient. Unfortunately i have difficulties to plug in with Bubble’s API Connector.

This is the screens I have:

(of course the values are well set, I’ve just cleaned them for the screenshots)

I have a error message: “undefined error: this header name is not correct undefined”

I am not an IT expert, so I am asking you some help.

Are some people using API on Bubble? Do you know what could be my error(s)?

Thank you so much by advance,


Anyone has a solution?


Get it working in Postman first rather than Bubble.

Your headers are not headers, they are in the body (and they are in fact required as a form string).

So in the header you will need …

content-type - application/x-www-form-urlencoded (see the documentation).


Thanks a lot Nigel !

I succeeded in Postman but I have still difficulties on Bubble. Anyway, it’s going to work ! :slight_smile:



You finish your connection? I just connect with the pushed application. It’s work well. Let me know that can I help you.