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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode


regarding the issue with page breakers, it seems they didn’t work because you put them after the page is broken by the plugin according to the chosen format. So for example you set the format to be A4 and you put the page break after the length of standard A4 length, in order for the page breaks to work as you expect you need to put them before the end of page


@Prashant and everybody
we have made an important update to the plugin we have added a field called “Pagebreakers element IDs”
so in this field you can specify one or many IDs (comma or enter separated) so that the plugin will create a new page after those elements. Any element can be used as a pagebreaker now)
Hopefully this will give you more control over how the output pdf looks.
As always to give it a try install the latest version and refresh the browser


Hey all,
we have managed to slightly improve the quality of output PDF. We added a “high quality” checkbox, when enabled the quality will be higher, but the rendering time will be a bit slower
would love to hear your feedback on this.

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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Thank you so much! Really looking forward to trying this out. :slight_smile: I will let you know once I send out the next update. Thanks!!!


Hi all, I am fairly new to Bubble so forgive me if this is a dumb question.

I am trying to use this plugin to save customer contracts to my bubble database. The contracts contain sensitive customer information, so I don’t want to upload them publicly to AWS. Is there a way to directly save the generated PDFs to my private bubble database as a “file” data type without first uploading uploading them to AWS? Thanks in advance!


Hey Eric,
yes, that’s definitely possible, but in the process the file will be saved to Bubble AWS - however Bubble is very strict about the security and privacy and if you configure everything correctly no one will be able to access the file except the users that you give permission to.
Hope this helps


@levon, thanks for the quick response. Any way you could point me in the right direction on where I can configure the permissions for the bubble AWS access. Right now, the uploaded documents are publicly viewable. Example here:


Hi Eric,
in my previous reply i made an error, i thought you were referring to our AWS uploader plugin.
So as for the PDF plugin, I believe you can use Bubble’s privacy policy in order to limit the access to the generated files. but first you need to store the link in your bubble database and then define policy of who can access those files.
Go to your App - then Data - then Privacy - and choose the data type where you store the link and configure the policy.
Hope this helps


Levon, thanks again for the quick replies. I’m still having trouble though. I think I understand how file privacy is generally supposed to work:

  1. upload a file
  2. set it to be private
  3. attach it to a thing
  4. set privacy rules for the thing

This makes total sense to me. The problem that I’m running into is that steps 2 and 3 from above normally happen through the built in Bubble File Uploader element.

In the page to pdf converter element, I don’t see the option to mark files as private or to attach them to a thing when uploading them bubble AWS. I also can’t figure out a way to attach files uploaded as public to a thing after they have been uploaded.

I tried creating a field of type “File” and then setting the field = uploaded url by modifying the thing in the workflow triggered by the convert page to pdf upload to AWS finishing. This doesn’t seem to work though and the file’e are still publicly viewable.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


There is no need to mark the file as private. you can simply create a field of type “text” mark it as private in the privacy settings and store the link to the uploaded file there. Yes, the link will still be publicly accessible if someone gets hold of it, but how can someone get it unless the person who has the right to access it shares the link?


Hey @levon,

Did anything change recently to the PDF plugin. For some odd reason one of my workflows stopped working. Not sure what happened. I haven’t touched anything related to the PDF part of things. Did something change? I have two PDF pages. One is working for the single page one, however, the multipage that I created before stopped working. Any ideas? Anyone else having these issues?


A customer just told me that they can’t download the PDFs anymore.

Ok, so i figured out that the most stable release is 1.14.0

Once I update to the next release I am no longer able to download the PDF.


Hi Jason,
we’ll check this out


Thanks. :slight_smile: Sorry I didn’t catch to sooner. My users only go to my site once a month or once a week so I didn’t get the feedback sooner.



Is there a known bug with floating groups? I’ve been struggling with this all afternoon but haven’t found any mention of it.

My header is a reusable floating group and is outside of the element that I am using as a frame for my pdf.
When I generate the pdf there is a white space at the top of the pdf which looks to be the same dimensions as the header. I have tried setting a unique id attribute for the header and telling the pdf converter to ignore that element id but it hasn’t made any difference.

Any ideas?


Images for reference:


Hello All,

  1. Our app seem to be printing blank pages between . This didnt happen earlier and I am looking into it. Did anyone else have this issue ?

  2. I am still unable to create a linebreaker when there are repeating groups. Meaning. the number of rows and text in each row is a variable. I want the PDF to break when it reaches the last 10% of the page and move to next page but due to the repeating group its not happening.

Did anyone have working with either of these issues ?


Hi @Prashant and @ajsmith2011
we’ll check these out
meanwhile you might want to revert to the previous version of the plugin and see if it works better


I also have blank pages now when before I didn’t have blank pages too.


Even we revert to another free plugin the blank pages still are printing causing an issue with live customers. Did anyonne find this issue as well ? I am yet to try older version of this plugin.