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Building a videoconferencing app on Bubble?


I am looking to create a cloud-based video conferencing website where users can have virtual meetings without having to download anything (similar to Google Hangouts). Would I be able to create such a platform on Bubble?

Is there a way to add Video Chat?
Can bubble be used with web RTC to connect users in video chats?

Did you find an API that does this? We can look at adding that as a plugin, but i don’t know which service is best for that.


May I suggest Teamviewer. This will allow not only meetings but probably the developments of help desks. Anyways have a look here


To my knowledge every service has a plugin that needs need to be installed. I believe only recently services like Skype started experimenting with web video conference and I think that also has a plugin.


The only service I know that works as a plugin is Video Whisper. It plugs in to Wordpress and Joomla. But I don’t have a technical background so I can’t code on either of those sites. Bubble would be my best option if it’s possible to build such a platform here. Here are the links for info on Video Whisper:


Have a look at WebRTC, it is the technology that allows direct browser to browser communication without needing a host server.

It doesn’t work on everything at the moment, like IE, but many think it is the future of this sort of communication.


Check pubnub and tokbox. There are many companies offering webrtc API and JavaScript implementation. I am sure the devs here can make a plugin for it. Once I am back to my PC. I will post more info. Don’t have bookmarks on my cell.


I’m working on building something like this (hopefully on Bubble) and looking at API.


The team at Respoke does a great job providing communication tools including video via SDK


Hi Emmanuel, of the suggested api’s did you choose/decide to add one that allows virtual meetings?



No, not really. That’s the kind of features we’ll add on a sponsored basis, as it’s quite specific. But the list of options is great when we’ll need to choose a provider.


Hi Emmanuel,

So what are my options if I would like to create my videoconferencing site on Bubble? I see you mentioned that you could add a videoconferencing feature on “sponsored basis” but I’m not sure what that means in terms of pricing plans, approvals, etc. Could you kindly clarify?

Also, would I be able to build the site on Bubble’s current platform with the use of an API (offered by the provider) or would I need to wait on Bubble to develop a plugin for this feature?

I have million questions about this because I have absolutely no coding expertise and a somewhat limited budget to work with so Bubble is really my best option of I’m able to build the site here. I’m just a little confused on what steps I’ll to take to add the videoconferencing feature on the Bubble site.

P.S. Thank you everyone for the awesome suggestions! It’s been a great help


As a starting point, maybe use ?

You could autogenerate room names so they are (almost always) unique.


Thanks Nigel!


Nigel: Can I ask you how you integrated into Bubble? Could I see the bubble editor view of it perhaps?


@NigelG Nigel I just saw this and am super interested in seeing the editor view of this. I’ve been looking for a realtime videoconferencing feature as well


So easy it makes you wonder how it can work !

I just put this in an HTML element.

If you generated something instead of “bubbletruble” each time … you would have a unique room to share.

Both users see the same page but only one can modify it

Haha, really true!
This is actually really great.
Does anyone have any experience with’s video quality.
Did a bit of googling, and from what I can tell people find both video and sound quality good.


I use regularly for my day job. We’re a $2bn company, so it works well enough :slight_smile:


It is WebRTC based, like Ziggeo, so should be peer to peer. Largely based upon your networks not theirs.


Hi Nigel, this is great! I got as far as the HTML element. My question is how generate something. developer’s site, shares a function appearin.getRandomRoomName() but I’m not sure how/where to do the generation piece in Bubble.

Any idea? Is it a Javascript block somewhere?