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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


So do you just run a bit of JavaScript that queries the rest API @Bubbleboy?
I’ll have to figure it out.


no you can just use Bubble’s API Connector plugin to fire the request, maybe you could share a screenshot @Bubbleboy ?


Oh ok, sounds good, I’ll have a look for that, cheers


no javascript

i upload to Uploadcare…then i actually send elswhere and delete the file uploaded to uploadcare in the same WF


Thanks for that, useful to know. Will have a play with it.


Hey @levon, not sure if this is a little bug (you may wanna test it out) but it seems that when you have the UploadCare element added AND you leave the Placeholder field empty, then you cannot click on it like a button. If you put a value in for Placeholder, then you can click it and the widget appears. Just thought I’d mention it.


Thanks a lot for reporting this, we’ll check.

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi @levon, wondered if you can answer this.

When you use the workflow called: “WHEN Uploadcare A uploading is finished”
Should the current “Uploadcare A’s File URL List” be available directly afterwards? (or within the workflow I should say)

So for example, I have the button which shows the widget and I click on that which opens it up. Then I choose a few files to upload and click ADD. At this point, the widget disappears, the files are uploaded and then that workflow triggers.

If I do this again, so by that I mean click on the button, select some other files and upload theose, then when the workflow triggers for the second time, the URL List inside is references the first set of files and not the current set. If I do it a third time, it references the second set so it seems the URL List is being set after that workflow is triggered? Does that make sense? I’m not sure if that’s entirely correct because it works fine the first time. Should the values for the URL List be set before that workflow event triggers?

Is that something which can be changed? So, set the Uploadcare A’s File URL List values before the Uploadcare A uploading is finished workflow is triggered.

The other thing with this (if my testing is true) is that if you decide to schedule an API workflow like as shown below, it causes problems. You may want to double check all this but I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening.


(I may re-test it later to make sure this is the case and come back to you)

Tested this again and what’s happening is that the URL List available within the workflow is always the previous list from the last set of selected files (you have to run it twice to see). If you create that workflow and have it trigger you’ll see that the URL List inside it is always the previous set of files selected and not the current files selected.

Hope that’s enough info, I’m not gonna edit this post again!



@levon i’ve found what seems to be a bug. when opening the uploadcare file dialog from a workflow…if you change the “drag & drop any files” headline to anything other that that…it throws copious errors in the chrome console…ive tested this on more that one page with nothing else other than the element and a workflow. If i remove the headline and leave it blank… no errors… and something…errors again …return it to the default text “drag & drop any files” no errors.

The same occurs if you use the element directly and use any text in the headline other than “drag & drop any files”

Firfox Dev console also trows erros “too much recursion”


Hi Tim,
ouch, sounds bad, we’ll check this out and try to fix it asap.


Hey All,
so we pushed a new version where we added:

  1. upload type sorting possibility
  2. delete file workflow action

and we fixed the following bugs

this is fixed

this is fixed


That’s fantastic, thank you!


We have fixed this Paul,


@Bubbleboy, @levon, you guys know how I might get the individual UUID’s for a list of images from the uploader? I seem to keep getting the UUID of the group. Will eventually figure it out but thought I’d ask anyway, save me a bit of time hopefully!

In that screenshot of your Bubble API’s Connector, I take it that UUID seen there is for a single file so you delete one at a time rather than a bunch of them?


@levon thank you for the quick turnaround and update and the following bug fix. Tab ordering and also resolution to the custom headline text both seem to be working 100%. I’ll test out all scenarios but as far as it looks… All is goodness,

@pork1977gm I can hazard a guess but I don’t use lists or multiple files uploaded…so the plugin dev is the best person. If it follows the general (or what seems to be) rule of thumb you would just add another variable to your workflow wf… For each item in the array (LIST returned BY uploadcare) just add the UUID and then do with it whatever you will…


we couldn’t find a way to return a list of UUIDs when more than 1 files are uploaded and not sure if it’s possible. @dmitry-mukhin can you advise please?


@pork1977gm scratch that foolish guess of mine…in future…i’ll keep guesses to my self and leave answering stuff to people who know


No worries, I had tried that already actually before posting the comment, all good :slight_smile:
Interested to hear what the experts do have to say though! thx again


It’s possible:


Great, we’ll add this.