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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Hey all,
we’ve just pushed an update that allows:

  1. returning UUIDs of multi file uploads
  2. deleting a list of files by supplying a list of UUIDs

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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That’s great news, ty very much @levon!


@levon, sorry to be a pain but which one of the options shown below should give a list of the UUID’s for each image uploaded?
Should be the "File UUID/File Group UUID’ one right?

I only seem to be getting a single UUID back from that (suspect the group) if I use the following after selecting a bunch of files to upload.

Wasn’t sure on the correct way through Bubble to return a list of those individual UUID’s.



Don’t worry, found the missing option, had to refresh my page :slight_smile:


great! :slight_smile:



Good morning @levon, just to let you know, error has now gone. Must have been something I did to cause it.
I couldn’t replicate it anyway so all is good. The only other thing I’ll point out just in case others read this, is that if you have the “Many Files” option ticked, then any File Restrictions you have in place are ignored. Those file restrictions only work when it’s not ticked, or at least that seems to be the case when I used IE/Edge anyway.



Hey Paul, sorry about that, we’ll check asap


It’s ok, nothing major but thank you.


seems like it’s working now without us changing anything, can you please check again? Might have been a glitch on the Bubble side…


Yep all seems good now.


Can you see if you can populate the File UUID List value when you launch the Open Dialog from a Workflow instead of clicking the button/element? Because for me that list is empty when I use “Open dialog window Uploadcare A”, but if I click the button instead, it’s not empty.


just fixed that, please install the new version and refresh the page


Excellent, working now thanks a lot.


@levon on your Demo page, I noticed you put in the Delete File button in?
Silly question but is it working correctly? I’ve implemented a delete files solution now too, have tried with a list of UUID’s and a single UUID but files still show under the Files section in my Dashboard. They are being stored automatically but I’ve tried deleting with them not stored automatically and they still remain and you can still browse them with the URL after the event runs, I’m sure there’s something not “quite” right, probably me but wanted to mention anyway just in case it was something else.

@dmitry-mukhin maybe you can advise if there’s anything special that would prohibit the deletion of files?


Scrap that, never thought of putting in the Secret Key! (aswel as the public one)
All good now :slight_smile: sorry to bother you!


no worries, glad it’s working now :slight_smile:


Thanks… almost though… I can delete a single file without any problems but I’ve tried a few ways to delete a list of UUID’s and single UUID’s inside an API workflow but cannot get the files to delete that way. The only way I can delete a file is when you pass a single UUID and it’s not inside an API workflow.


Hi @levon

I have a list of UUID’s being set in my database now, like this…

I can say that if I take one of those guids and put it into a normal workflow (assigned to button or something) then the image is removed from Uploadcare fine.

However, if I pass a list into it nothing happens and no files are removed from Uploadcare. If we use that workflow event inside of a Scheduled API workflow where upon each iteration should be a single UUID being passed to it, then it also doesn’t work.

It seems like it doesn’t like Lists for some reason. Wanted to let you know after I’ve tested all the ways that I could to be sure. The image below is an API run against a List from the UUID’s seen in the first image above.

I hope this helps.


Hey Paul, the screenshots for deleting lists is from API workflow, as I mentioned it’s not gonna work due to Bubble limitations… Did you try delete lists from a regular workflow for example attached to a button?
you don’t need to run API workflow to delete a list, simply supply a comma separated list of UUIDs to the plugin action (you can use a dynamic expression “do a search for” ) and it should do the trick


Ahh of course, thank you very much. Why I didn’t think of that in the first place I don’t know. Over complicating things again I think. It works great now.



Loving the plugin so far. Only trouble I’m having is that I can’t seem to get a % upload return or ‘file loading’ to work. Basically I want a user to click ‘create a new project’ then for them to give a title, description and upload some files. The files will be big so I’d like to hide the ‘upload’ button once they’ve added some files and then show a % progress bar. This way I’m hoping that if it’s in a popup then it can be listed in their projects list and will be ‘uploading’.

My other concern is that if the files are still uploading, will they still be assigned to the project if they move away from it? Or should I lock them down to an ‘uploading’ page??

Sorry if I’m being a bit illogical!!